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    Ana Contreras   

Industry notices

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Lou Savage to lead Oregon Workers' Compensation Division 5/20/16
Leap Year Notice of Closure Date Requirements 2/9/16


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House Bill 2797 relating to timely first payment of time loss 12/29/15
Penalties for claims reserve inaccuracies 11/19/15
Death during permanent total disability 11/9/15
Application of an "incurred but not reported" (IBNR) factor 9/17/15
Upcoming focused audit: Permanent total disability and fatality benefit accuracy 8/13/15
Reimbursement Under the Supplemental Disability Benefits Program, Re-employment Assistance Program, Reopened Claims Program, and Retroactive Program - Settlements, Dispositions, and Stipulations 6/30/15
Employer-at-Injury Program and Supplemental Disability Benefits Reimbursement Processing Change - Verification of Program Eligibility 5/26/15
Senate Bill 371 5/21/15


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Spurger v. SAIF and interpretation of repetitive use 12/22/14
EDI medical bill data reporting - waiver of civil penalties 8/14/14
EDI proof of coverage filing requirements: Invalid FEINs 7/10/14
Performance audits: Employer-at-Injury Program (EAIP) Audit and Annual Audit 3/25/14


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Registration and notice requirements for insurers - rule amendments 6/10/13


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Workers' Compensation Division organizational change 10/18/12
Civil penalties for proof-of-coverage filings and mid-term cancellations 8/8/12
New state average weekly wage decrease affects benefit calculations 6/6/12
Annual timeliness audit: Industry results and upcoming audits 6/6/12


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HB 2093: Workers' right to choose health care provider 11/14/11
Pre-Closure Accuracy Audit 8/30/11


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New phone number and fax number for the Medical Section 11/10/10
Organizational changes to the Benefit Services Section 11/10/10
More on retention of claim records by WCD 8/26/10
Retention of claim records by the Workers' Compensation Division 7/29/10
Expenditure reductions at the Workers' Compensation Division 5/21/10
Focused performance audits 5/19/10


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Processing a claim upon the death of a worker 12/29/09
New workers' compensation laws to take effect Jan. 1, 2010 12/14/09
Payment data for upcoming timeliness audits 11/23/09
Insurer notice to employers regarding non-disabling claims reimbursement 11/10/09
Insurer notice to employers and injured workers regarding the Employer-at-Injury Program 11/10/09
State office closures and furlough days for state employees 10/8/09
Changes to Workers' Compensation Division audits 6/8/09
2009 Proof-of-coverage law change 5/28/09
Economy affects Workers' Compensation Division revenue 2/6/09


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New Medicare reporting requirements 10/28/08
Information revision request for certified health care providers 8/12/08
2008 insurer actions necessary for compliance with new proof-of-coverage law 7/31/08
Changes to medical fee schedule calculation process 7/3/08
Audit of claim processing activities 4/23/08
Communications with and between attorneys 2/26/08
Review of cervical disc arthroplasty (artificial disc replacement surgery) 1/29/08
Proof of coverage law changes coming in 2009 1/9/08


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Extension of time frames for flood victims 12/27/07
Vocational eligibility determination audit results, penalties, and required actions 12/21/07
Modification of process for reconsideration of Notices of Closure 12/21/07
Applicability of House Bill 2007 relating to domestic partnerships 12/21/07
Important reminder to podiatrists, chiropractors, naturopaths, and physician assistants to certify 9/17/07
Streamline resolution of claim closure disputes 8/22/07
DCBS data sharing with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Medicare and workers' compensation benefits 6/26/07
Clarification of changes to workers' compensation medical fee schedule 5/29/07
DCBS data sharing with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 5/25/07
Vocational eligibility determination audits 5/16/07
2004-2006 Compliance audit results and civil penalties 4/11/07
Electronic data interchange (EDI) medical bill reporting implementation 4/11/07
The Workers' Compensation Division creates new Medical Section and Benefit Services Section 4/11/07
Workers' right to choose health care providers 3/7/07
DCBS data sharing with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services; Medicare and workers' compensation settlements 2/21/07

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