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Independent medical examination – requirements to offer IME training to health care providers

The director must first approve any training provided to health care providers.

To be approved, a training curriculum must incorporate the following components:

a) Workers' compensation system overview, including recent relevant changes (IME background, history, purpose, impact)
Note: WCD will develop and provide the training in the overview for anyone's use in their approved training.

b) Code of conduct

c) Report writing

d) Communications

e) Training specific to the requirements of ORS 656.325, OAR 436-010 and 436-060

f) Criteria for removal of health care providers from the list

g) Provider appeal, if removed from the list

h) Complaint process

i) Impairment findings

Any party may submit health care provider IME training curriculum to the director for approval. The curriculum must include training outline, goals, objectives, specify the method of training and the number of training hours, and must include all topics addressed in OAR 436-010 Appendix B.


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