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    Danae Hammitt   

Employer-at-injury program (EAIP)
Helping employers return injured workers to work

The Employer-at-Injury Program encourages the early return to work of injured workers. It provides incentives to employers that return their injured workers who have open claims to transitional work. Employer use of the Employer-at-Injury Program is voluntary. The insurer responsible for the worker’s claim administers the program and requests reimbursement for program costs from the Workers’ Compensation Division. Reimbursed program costs don’t increase employers’ insurance costs. Program reimbursements include wage subsidy, worksite modification, and certain purchases.

Wage subsidy

Fifty percent of a worker’s gross wages if the wage subsidy started before 7/1/13, or 45% if the wage subsidy starts on or after 7/1/13. No matter when the start date, the reimbursement is limited to a maximum of 66 work days. Reimbursement is based on the return-to-work wage.

Worksite modification
The rental, purchase, or modification of equipment up to a maximum of $2,500 to allow the worker to perform early return-to-work job duties within the injury-related limitations.

Employer-at-Injury Program purchases

Items a worker needs to do the job. Purchases may include:

Tuition, books, and fees for a course of instruction to update existing skills or to meet the requirements of the job. Maximum: $1,000
Tools and equipment mandatory for the job that are not already owned by the worker.
Clothing required for the job that is not normally provided by the employer and not already owned by the worker. Maximum: $400
  Worksite modification and tools/equipment purchases are limited to a combined maximum reimbursement of $5,000
Worker eligibility
To be eligible for Employer-at-Injury Program incentives, the worker must meet the following criteria:
Have an accepted, compensable Oregon on-the-job injury or occupational disease
Not be released for regular work
Employer eligibility
To be eligible for Employer-at-Injury Program incentives, the employer must meet the following criteria:
Maintain Oregon workers’ compensation insurance coverage
Be the employer at the time of the worker’s initial claim or claim reopening
Reemploy an eligible worker in early return-to-work while the claim is open

How does an employer use the Employer-at-Injury Program?

The employer contacts the insurer responsible for the worker’s claim to ask for help to meet program eligibility requirements and to obtain program assistance. Employers may use program incentives only once for each opening of the worker’s claim. The insurer will help the employer:
Identify an early return-to-work position
Obtain a qualifying medical release for work from the worker’s medical service provider
Make necessary purchases
How reimbursement works
Within one year after a worker’s participation in the Employer-at-Injury Program ends, the employer submits all insurer-required documentation to the insurer. The insurer requests a one-time reimbursement for program costs from the Workers’ Compensation Division. To qualify for reimbursement, the insurer must have the following on file:
Dated copies of the worker’s work release(s)
Documentation of the worker’s early return-to-work position
A copy of the worker’s payroll records for the wage-subsidy period
Copies of receipts for any modifications or Employer-at-Injury Program purchases
Documentation of the worker’s injury-caused obstacles to employment and how the modifications overcame these obstacles, if applicable
Rules governing EAIP
The information on this webpage summarizes the Employer-at-Injury Program. Oregon Administrative Rule 436-105 describes program requirements in further detail. To request a copy of the rules or for additional information about the Employer-at-Injury Program, employers and workers should contact their workers’ compensation insurer or the Workers’ Compensation Division at:
For further assistance
The Department of Consumer & Business Services has another program, the Preferred Worker Program, for Oregon employers and workers. The Preferred Worker Program encourages reemployment of qualified Oregon injured workers. Preferred Workers can offer valuable incentives to employers that hire them. For more information, call 800-445-3948.
Job Match, an online resource, helps employers and Preferred Workers find one another. The Workers’ Compensation Division offers free employment-advertising space on its Web site to eligible employers looking for Preferred Workers to fill job openings.
All parties benefit when a worker returns to work as quickly as possible after an on-the-job injury.

If you have questions about this webpage, please contact Danae Hammitt, 503-947-7018.