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    Danae Hammitt   

Why use the preferred worker program and job match?

When you hire a Preferred Worker and use the Preferred Worker Program, you can improve your company’s bottom line! Job Match can help you find a Preferred Worker.

Ready to use post a job?

For three years, your business will be exempt from paying workers’ compensation insurance premiums on this preferred worker

The cost of any new on-the-job injury to this preferred worker that occurs during the first three years of employment will be reimbursed; and your workers’ compensation rates will not increase because of this injury

Half of the gross wages paid this preferred worker during six months on the job can be reimbursed

Money can be available to pay for worksite modification for the preferred worker

As an employer, am I eligible to take advantage of this program?
You are eligible to use Preferred Worker Program benefits if you are hiring for an Oregon job. You must maintain Oregon workers’ compensation insurance and comply with Oregon workers’ compensation law. The Small Business Ombudsman for Workers' Compensation has good news about how hiring a preferred worker will affect your workers' compensation policy and what to do if the preferred worker will be your only employee.

An employer that is a worker leasing company must be licensed with the Workers’ Compensation Division.

Since 1990, thousands of Oregon employers have received millions of dollars’ worth of benefits, and you can, too!

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